Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A new David Mack/Tony Solomun collaboration

Hi all,am currently in California,and was at the cool comic show,Wondercon where I met up with many of my creator friends,first and foremost David Mack and Seth,along with so many others,will be posting pics soon,as well as many sketches and mini interviews I did in a notebook with many comic creators which I am so grateful for,

I've been friends with the fantastic and kindest man in the world,David Mack for 12 years now,and first met him in 2002,and we did 6 paintings together,again in 2009 in San Diego, 2 poetry Ink paintings and at Frisco , another 2 poetry Ink paintings,

I will be collecting them into a zine as soon as I can,I of course have gotten Mack;s blessing to publish them and will be printing them into a small zine which will take at least a month,will keep you all up to date,at least 8-10 pages, with hopefully colour covers,

I will try to print as many as I can,though initially at least 20 -30 copies,

they will be for free,for those who want a copy,

though if you could kindly donate a few dollars to my paypal to cover some of the printing costs and postage I will be grateful,

thanks again.


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