Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy 2016,New Projects on the horizon

Hello all,
My apologies for not keeping up the blog,been very busy,
and in the meantime have been writing lots of poetry and
planning many new books,
I've got a new mini comic book that I'm finishing off right now,just 2-3 more paintings to finish that,
it will be 8 pages as usual,and my first in many years,
The script is written,it's dark,tho has light in between,

I've also started a new series,a opus if you will,called 'Humaine' ,
This is in the same vein as Honore de Balzac and his series,tho different in scope,
it will be retroactive in a way, so,my second novel Egypt Days of Antiquity will fit in frame for the series as will The Journey,

I'm also proud to say I've got two covers and three coming soon,that will be the cover art for my new books to be printed later on this year,done by Penguin Classics Illustrators ,very very proud,

back to writing and painting,

thank you for reading and I promise to update more

Tony Solomun

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