Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Quarterly with an interview with Jessica Hische

Hello all,Here is a new volume of The Quarterly,
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Jessica Hische is one of the most outstanding artists to emerge recently,She has taken the art world
by storm and has become in demand from many clients including Penguin Classics,
New York Times(my fave two things in the world) along with,Tiffany and Co as well as Oxfam and American Express, and the list goes on accordingly,

Jessica Is my age as well,and she continues to inspire and influence me on so many artistic levels,She has also been listed and awarded Illustration awards for her lettering and designs to go along with being named as one of the prestigious Forbes 30 under 30 list, (twice),

For a young artist she has achieved so much,and is the vanguard of the new generation of superstar artists,and certainly one of the best ( male or female) book designers in the world at the moment,
Her most significant  work to date was for the Penguin Classics Drop Cap Series,
For this she designed each letter of the alphabet for an Author's book from A to Z, 26 in all,

I wholeheartedly recommend you check them out and perhaps even purchasing some if not all of them,as I have,

I recently contacted Jessica for a 1 question interview and she gladly replied,here it is...

Jessica,You’ve achieved a vast amount of success as an artist in your work at such a relatively young age, and have some quite impressive clients you’ve worked with already 
and many well deserved accolades,the pinnacle to date is your outstanding Penguin Drop Caps series with Penguin Classics,My question to you is do you plan to expand into
other mediums of art such as drawing and Illustrating books in future or even writing a book in the near future ?’

to which she replied...

Hi Tony!

To answer your question: 

I work a lot on book covers, so while I haven't illustrated the interior of a book (usually authors work with more narrative illustrators for interior work), I'd happily do so for the right project. I've actually written a book about my process which is being released through Chronicle Books this year (first time as author!) but as I'm currently baking a small human, I foresee at least one children's book in my future once this small ball of inspiration and chaos is out and about. 

Thank you so much for participating,Jessica,all the very best,

for further information of Jessica's work check out


Thank you for reading,

Tony Solomun

A Great start to 2015,

Hello all,a Happy New Year to all my fellow writers and bloggers,
A Very busy start to 2015,I'm hoping this year goes even better for me,writing wise,
I've started on my Autobiography,
the first volume will cover my first 30 years,
Already I've written at least 7 pages this year,not sure how long it will pan out,though will be exhaustive and well  covered of my peculiar life in the making,

Also got to collaborate with one of my favourite artists this month,and we're only into the fifth day,

I will be posting a new volume of The Quarterly right after this,

Many plans and books to write,

Thank you for reading my work,

Tony Solomun