Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tony Solomun's Multiverse,printed and with a Cover by the Great Mike Allred

Hello all,I've been very busy writing and publishing books in the past few months,catching up now,
I'm proud to say that I finished printing
Tony Solomun's Multiverse,a book with prose and poetry,you name it with Public Domain characters coming in at 100 pages,

I've created so many characters in my own right over the years in series such as The Journey,that I wanted to try my hand at characters in the public domain,

in the past few weeks,printed by Clays Publishing,the same publisher which prints my favourite things in the world,Penguin Classics,I'm so happy I got to print with them,

The Cover is by Madman creator Mike Allred,one of my bestest friends,an inspiration and influence on my work and everyday life,
I was overjoyed when he agreed to do the cover commission for me,and even moreso when he agreed to include Madman on the cover,(Thanks Mike)

I would be happy to give out copies to anyone who wants this book,I'm only asking for a few dollars and will include extra books I've printed recently,I know selling books is getting tougher in the internet climate,though

I  will be gracious if those interested could contribute via paypal $2.50 or less to cover postage

,I'm not out there to make much of a profit,I am here to spread the printed word and get my work out into the world to read,so anyone interested,please contact me here or  on Facebook and Twitter where I'm on every day and I will be happy to send,

Thank you and here is the cover to the book by Mike Allred,looks super cool,beyond my dreams,
In the meantime I'm nearly finished writing for the year,a few more poems,and will be writing more articles of Tony Solomun's The Quarterly very soon,

Madman and the "exclamation bolt" is trade mark and 
copyright Michael Allred. 2014.