Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Journey and Tony Solomun's Multiverse

Hello all,my sincerest apologies for the lapse in blogposts,
I've been very busy writing and taking up art again,I promise not to let that much of a lapse again in blogs,

news on many fronts,

I printed 15 copies of
The Journey Corrected and Revised Edition,

They came out very well,this was my first main opus in writing,I started the anthology series in 2007 and finished the 159th short story in 2010,I am massively  proud of this work,it includes many
short stories and prose which I am glad to have written,and I even created 35 fully formed new characters.all up it is 170 pages,typeset in Adobe Garamond,the same font used for
 The Complete Pelican Shakespeare by Penguin Classics

I will post a story or two on the blog very soon,

a few of the copies I printed are already reserved,though I am very happy to give the rest of them for free,on the proviso if you can be generous enough to donate about $3 to cover postage,

In the meantime,I'm drawing again,still rusty,though am getting there,

and put into motion some exciting things for the other anthology I wrote called
 Tony Solomun's Multiverse,stil in the revising and correcting mode,though nearly done to send to the printers and typist,the cover artist is out of this world awesome,will post more when I can,

thank you for reading my blog,and will post again soon,


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