Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fare Thee Well 2013,and Hello to 2014,

Hello all,sorry about the delay in posting a new blog,I've had a well earned break since Sept,since I wrote more than 1000 poems and prose,but in the meantime my mind has been buzzing with new ideas for new books and prose and art,

I've also lined up 3 new issues and articles of The Quarterly which you will see starting from January,I'm very blessed and proud of the creators I've gotten to collaborate for them,and of course there is no better compliment than to have collaborated with 3 Penguin Classics writers and contributors for The Quarterly,

My creative life goal was always to have done something for or with  Penguin Classics related in any way whatsoever,and I have done so 3 times over,There is no better feeling than that for me anyway,I 'm  in the meantime taking down notes for my 2nd novel,will be set in times of Antiquity which will require much research though I'm game for that,

Thank you for following my work,

see you all in 2014,