Monday, September 9, 2013

1000 Poems and Short Stories-I've done it,and achieved my grand goal.

Hello all,and thank you for reading my blog,

As of last week,I reached my grand goal of writing 1000 poems and short stories,I placed this goal on myself in 2009 to hopefully reach in 10 years or less,
well,4 years later I've done it,the clear majority of the writing has been done since 2009,and 500 since August 2011,
I would like to thank my mentor first and foremost,David Mack,for helping and inspiring and influencing me along the way,as well as Mike Allred,Chris Ware,Seth,Gary Panter and so many more,my many thanks,

I will not rest on my laurels,In the meantime I finished the 6th volume of The Quarterly tonight,and will post that right away,

Thank you again my friends.

Tony Solomun

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