Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goodbye 2012, and Hello to the future.

Hello all,thanks for reading,so wow,here is the end of yet another year,
My most prolific year of writing ever,
I finished 181 poems for 2012,up from 152 last year,
which brings me to the number of 744 short stories and poems since 2007,which was when I said to myself to get serious about my writing,

I've gotten good encouragement especially this year from some of my artistic heroes,and got to collaborate with some of them even,as well as regular collaborationas with my mentor David Mack,who was kind enough to ink my drawing of Prez Obama,as well as contribute to my next book of poetry,thank you David,always a distinct honour to call you one of my closest friends and inspiration and influence in my life,

I finished another volume of The Quarterly,the 3rd.which was devoted to John Porcellino and had a cover done by him,

also,got two essays that I will include in the next volume of the literary anthology by
Leah Moore and John Reppion, two of the finest writers in the field today,
and if you didn't already know who they are,Leah is Alan Moore's daughter and John his son in law,

I look forward to finishing that volume in January or February,

In the meantime I have so much work to print,and I mean a LOT,I need to hire someone to do that for me because all my self published books are hand made and collated and stapled,
though one major thing is I will be finally printing my 1st novel,a sci fi time travel novel which is about
102 pages called Time and Space,

and anyone interested,please contact me and I will get you a copy once done,

What else ?
I've written a thesis on improving Democracy,am proud of that,
called "New People's Democracy", my opinions on how to further the cause of democracy,
will be posting that here on my blog in the next few months,

thank you all for checking my blog,and Happy New Year,


Tony Solomun