Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Poetry

King of Kings

Standing Brave and full of self importance,
Yet walking around your fellow citizens
you are full of humility,no disdain,egalitarian at heart,
murdered before our very eyes,no respect shown,
no kindness given,you are still in the hearts of many,

Untitled, Number 23

I look at the abysmal plains,the sand covering our feet,
the winds picking up,sight unseen,harsh terrain.
some of the greatest have walked upon your desert,
and many still will till time immemorial,


The number everyone wants to be
designated with,the meaning,a plethora of
greatness,untold riches to be heaped upon
the champion who finishes first,the
great number one,standing above all else and others,
always has/will/forever be,