Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Poetry

Two Worlds

In two worlds simultaneously
at once,undecided of where I should stay,
do I leave my consciousness
and pave way for a new reality where
anything is possible,or do I stay in
mortal flesh where any day could be my last ?


So much promise,
So much to look forward to,
So much forgotten,
So much destruction,
So much apathy,
So much Innocence lost,
So where do we go from here?


I am the end,the last,the raw finality.
I look over you and I see your frailty,
your cries for release,your enduring
hate for all that is right,I have given
you many chances to change,yet your
facade is as flimsy as ever,I see through you,
and you will be judged harshly in front of
your chosen peers at the last day,which is here
as we speak,

these 3 poems I composed right from my mind as I began writing,
for me,words come to me fully formed in the flesh,they might
not be the best or perfect words in the end,but they're there,
and I let my thoughts flow freely,

thank you for reading these,and thank you for your time,

more poetry to come soon,

Tony Solomun

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