Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nations of the world

Hello all,my apologies for not posting regularly,
very busy at the moment,

and am writing  a lot these days,only cannot find the time to print them,something I will change,

I've written about 70 poems this year thus far,and my goal is more than 150 for 2012,so nearly 1/2 way there already,
will share some soon,

In the meantime I am working on
Nations of the world,

A world almanac of the future,set in 2050,and goes into detail how nations have formed,disappeared and unified as well as changed wholeheartedly,
I've already written the preface to it and will start on the many nations bio's involved soon,

Lots of plans for other books currently,though will be doing more poetry for now,

thanks for reading my blog,and will post more new ones regularly in the future,

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