Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goodbye 2012, and Hello to the future.

Hello all,thanks for reading,so wow,here is the end of yet another year,
My most prolific year of writing ever,
I finished 181 poems for 2012,up from 152 last year,
which brings me to the number of 744 short stories and poems since 2007,which was when I said to myself to get serious about my writing,

I've gotten good encouragement especially this year from some of my artistic heroes,and got to collaborate with some of them even,as well as regular collaborationas with my mentor David Mack,who was kind enough to ink my drawing of Prez Obama,as well as contribute to my next book of poetry,thank you David,always a distinct honour to call you one of my closest friends and inspiration and influence in my life,

I finished another volume of The Quarterly,the 3rd.which was devoted to John Porcellino and had a cover done by him,

also,got two essays that I will include in the next volume of the literary anthology by
Leah Moore and John Reppion, two of the finest writers in the field today,
and if you didn't already know who they are,Leah is Alan Moore's daughter and John his son in law,

I look forward to finishing that volume in January or February,

In the meantime I have so much work to print,and I mean a LOT,I need to hire someone to do that for me because all my self published books are hand made and collated and stapled,
though one major thing is I will be finally printing my 1st novel,a sci fi time travel novel which is about
102 pages called Time and Space,

and anyone interested,please contact me and I will get you a copy once done,

What else ?
I've written a thesis on improving Democracy,am proud of that,
called "New People's Democracy", my opinions on how to further the cause of democracy,
will be posting that here on my blog in the next few months,

thank you all for checking my blog,and Happy New Year,


Tony Solomun


Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Poetry

King of Kings

Standing Brave and full of self importance,
Yet walking around your fellow citizens
you are full of humility,no disdain,egalitarian at heart,
murdered before our very eyes,no respect shown,
no kindness given,you are still in the hearts of many,

Untitled, Number 23

I look at the abysmal plains,the sand covering our feet,
the winds picking up,sight unseen,harsh terrain.
some of the greatest have walked upon your desert,
and many still will till time immemorial,


The number everyone wants to be
designated with,the meaning,a plethora of
greatness,untold riches to be heaped upon
the champion who finishes first,the
great number one,standing above all else and others,
always has/will/forever be,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Poetry

Two Worlds

In two worlds simultaneously
at once,undecided of where I should stay,
do I leave my consciousness
and pave way for a new reality where
anything is possible,or do I stay in
mortal flesh where any day could be my last ?


So much promise,
So much to look forward to,
So much forgotten,
So much destruction,
So much apathy,
So much Innocence lost,
So where do we go from here?


I am the end,the last,the raw finality.
I look over you and I see your frailty,
your cries for release,your enduring
hate for all that is right,I have given
you many chances to change,yet your
facade is as flimsy as ever,I see through you,
and you will be judged harshly in front of
your chosen peers at the last day,which is here
as we speak,

these 3 poems I composed right from my mind as I began writing,
for me,words come to me fully formed in the flesh,they might
not be the best or perfect words in the end,but they're there,
and I let my thoughts flow freely,

thank you for reading these,and thank you for your time,

more poetry to come soon,

Tony Solomun

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Barack Obama collaboration with David Mack

Here is another of my many collaborations with close friend since 1999 and life and artistic mentor
David Mack,
this one is Obama,
drawn by me and inked and painted by David Mack,

look how Mack makes my drawing look a million times better,thanks again David Mack,
all the best,peace.

Tony Solomun

Poetry updates

Hello all,sorry for the lack of blogs,been very busy creating,and catching up with my artistic mentor
David Mack,
I'm up to 120 poems for 2012,and looking to do more,I 've decided to do mainly poetry for this year and move on to larger projects next year,
here is a recent poem I've written,

Heart of Time

Ever present
And dwindling is time,
So precious,Yet taken
For granted,The clock
Is ever ticking,
Use it well.

find me on twitter and facebook as well,will be posting more soon,

thanks for your time,


Tony Solomun

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nations of the world

Hello all,my apologies for not posting regularly,
very busy at the moment,

and am writing  a lot these days,only cannot find the time to print them,something I will change,

I've written about 70 poems this year thus far,and my goal is more than 150 for 2012,so nearly 1/2 way there already,
will share some soon,

In the meantime I am working on
Nations of the world,

A world almanac of the future,set in 2050,and goes into detail how nations have formed,disappeared and unified as well as changed wholeheartedly,
I've already written the preface to it and will start on the many nations bio's involved soon,

Lots of plans for other books currently,though will be doing more poetry for now,

thanks for reading my blog,and will post more new ones regularly in the future,

Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012,another year to improve upon.

Hello all,Happy 2012 to all,
Last year was without a doubt the best year for me in terms of personally and my writing,in which
I wrote 152 short stories and poems,This year I plan to do more of the same,

I've already written 20 poems for Multiverse,my public domain book,nearly finished,it will rest on 101 entries,an opus for myself,and plan to write another novel to follow up on Time and Space which will be printed in a few months time, a special printing of about 10 unique copies, as well as more printing of at least 2 or 3 poetry collections,way behind on that as you can tell,I write maniacally,though have little time to actually print them,

One more thing, is that I will start on my new comic book ongoing series ,still fleshing out the details,though I will return to art in a big way this year,I started out making mini comics and zines in 2001,11 years ago,so I will return in a similar way to doing that again,

Lots of writing to do,lots of ideas to become real,thanks to all who read this blog,will share more work on this blog and post as much as I can on it as well,


Tony Solomun