Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tony Solomun's Sunday Book Review and book updates,

Hello all,this week has been astronomical in  progress made with my books and art,I finished my first mini comic in 8 years and have made 3 poems along with a few illustrations,and am moving ahead with printing of my books,
And have gotten in touch with  a book slipcase maker in China  to make paper slipcases for my books,lots of fantastic things to look forward to,and have also completed and transcribed the first two volumes of The Quarterly,with a contribution by artistic hero of mine, 3 time Emmy award winner  and friend,Gary Panter, in the second volume,so looking forward to sharing and printing that,

thanks for reading,in the meantime here is the first entry of my Sunday Book Review,

Tony Solomun’s Sunday Book Review           


Editor’s Choice

Palookaville volume 20 by Seth 
Drawn and Quarterly

I was pleasantly enthusiastic and surprised with Seth’s change in format of his brilliant Palookaville series,
It started out in the beginning of the 1990s and ventured through time as a comic, though time,space and sales constraints made the move toan annual graphic novel format,I could not be more happier with the change,Seth’s  masterful  display over words,prose and illustrations is in show here in plentiful variety.

His ongoing serialisation Clyde Fans ebbs and flows quite finelt and is racing towards a tender conclusion, Though that is not all that is  contained in this format, no, there is a beautiful sketchbook containing many splendid illustrations and accompanying them  is a essay of a quite interesting ongoing sculpture project by Seth called ‘Dominion’.
And finally an autobiographical story to close out this modern masterpiece,
Seth’s book design is impeccable and you will find that here on display and in spades.
A great addition to any library,
My only hope is that the current format will be made larger to showcase the art in a better way,apart from that,A splendid book by Seth,


By Tony Solomun

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