Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tony Solomun's Sunday Book Review #2 and updates

Hello all ,My thanks to you for checking my blog, Lots of writing done this week and as well as printing,also finished my Tijuana Bible, and mini comic,which is quite shocking even by my standards in terms of content,I'm moving ahead with plans to print my first full length novel, Time and Space,
which will be out in a few months,I finished it a year ago and did 3 revisions since to make sure it is of the highest quality,will go all out with this novel,in terms of printing,perhaps as a limited print run as a hardcover and slipcase,I've found some great printing houses for both,and will inform you all soon,

here is the second entry in my Sunday Book Review series,all the best,

Tony Solomun’s Sunday Book Review


Walt and Skeezix Book 1-  Drawn and Quarterly
Sundays with Walt and Skeezix - Sunday Press Books,

The fine gentleman at both publishers have taken great care,time and expertise to put out and let the world rediscover the magnificence and beauty that is Walt and Skeezix, A fun,endearing look at family life through the ages,which is nearing it’s centenary of inception, by the Inimitable Frank King,
On of the finest newspaper comics in the upper echelon of the graphic storytelling medium, Frank shows his masterful hand  at beautifully constructed prose and delicate art throughout in celebrating the history and personal dramas and human interest of the main characters, unparalleled in it’s significance, This is a true gem to be enjoyed by all, both Drawn and Quarterly and Sunday Press Books have been tremendous in getting this product out with high quality production values and loads of extras and vital information in the form of various essays, many thanks must go to  Chris Ware, Jeet Heer, Chris Oliveros and Peter Maresca for their work,

Krazy and Ignatz 1916-1944  . By Fantagraphics
A Celebration of Sundays - By Sunday Press Books

A mouse striking a cat in the head with a brick, a simplistic notion,really, yet within this gag lies one of the best newspaper comics ever, By the fantastic and quite unique George Herriman, The series celebrated its centennial last year and it is obvious to all that the character’s legacies have never dimmed and that golden shiny brick still draws the reader in.
The Illustrations are simple yet elegant in their grandiose stule, and the dialog and prose quite poetic, Fantagraphics and Sunday Press Books have really outdone themselves on these collections, Chris Ware and Bill Blackbeard deserve special recognition for their essays and in particular Mr Ware’s striking and terrific design, a must have for any knowledgeable

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