Friday, August 12, 2011

The Goal of 500 short stories and poems is reached,

Hello all,I am over the moon and beyond words and enthusiasm at reaching my goal of 500 short stories and poems,
I reached it late night on my 27th birthday whilst listening to Elton John,I set the goal in 2007 with the beginning of my magnum opus The Journey,that ended with 160 volumes,and have since then started many projects with many more in the idea stage,

Indeed,I have been writing and doing art for a long time,and started doing mini comics and art books since 2001,
10 years ago now,self publishing can be a burden,though it comes with many benefits and a good feeling of accomplishment,I have kept at it all this time and have taken my craft seriously,I am glad to reach such a goal in this time,and will share in future more of my poetry and have started creating art again,

Of course,I have many people to thank for inspiration and friendship,

they are

first and foremost,

David Mack
Mike Allred
Chris Ware
Alan Moore
Stan Lee
Gary Panter
Sergio Aragones

and many more too numerous to name,my thanks goes to you,


Tony Solomun

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