Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Books

Hi all,sorry for the lack of blogs here recently,very busy with my writing,still have copies of Literature by David Mack and I,
In the meantime,have been writing lots of poetry,two books full,will collect 52 of them as a book,and a further book once I get time to type it up,
I'm old fashioned when it comes to writing,as in I write long hand on paper,feels more natural and organic that way,though will be typing more books online,

Have to print lots of stuff,a large amount,when I get the time,
Next week I start on volume 2 of Tony Solomun's Quarterly,
My own literary anthology,the first one will be printed soon,and was mainly a tribute to Chris Ware,the magnificent and fascinating creator,

After that,got lots of plans for other books down the line,many things to look forward to,


Tony Solomun

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