Tuesday, April 12, 2011

California Travel Journals part II

I have a special affinity with Los Angeles,indeed it is called the city of angels and it certainly is,
I've already been,though I keep coming back,beautiful city,like I said,up there with Sydney,
first thing I did was when I got there on my second day was to go to my fave boulevarde in the whole universe,
Sunset Boulevard,the sheer size of this road and the amazing array of all kinds of shops is reason to celebrate,
Meltdown Comics,
who I am a massive fan and friend of the shop since 2010,is a fantastic comic shop located in Hollywood and is perhaps the largest comic shop in the world,
I instantly feel like I'm in wonderland when I enter,the wide diversity of the product available is immense,I could traverse through the store for hours on end,
also went to Hollywood Blvd and took photos which I will soon be posting of the various landmarks,though first and foremost in my mind was the walk of fame star of my grandpa Stan Lee,which I am eternally grateful to have seen and touched,
to commemorate my love for LA I got the same tattooed on my shoulder,at sunset strip tattoo to go along with my Kabuki kanji tattoo,
I also appeared on NBC television incidentally with Mario Lopez on his show Extra,which is a gossip show,they asked  if I wanted to be in the crowd and who was I to say no ?
watched myself on tv,and it felt surreal in a way,
apart from that,went to perhaps one of the best Indy bookstores,which is Family Los Angeles on Fairfax Avenue,spent hours picking up various books,
do check their fantastic website out at
which also houses a art gallery,
 I had a most perfect trip.
met friends,made new ones along the way,helped the homeless and ate some fantastic food,

Wonderful,and I truly recommend going to Los Angeles,the best time is perhaps now,
will post pics as soon as I can,


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