Thursday, April 7, 2011

California Travel Journal,

Hi all,as you may know I am a lover of all things American,and especially Californian,a beautiful place,and up there with the best,

I arrived on the 30th of last month in time for Wondercon,the 25th anniversary,In Frisco,I familiarised myself with the city on the first two days and they were uneventful for the most part,though the first thing I did was visit
826 Valencia, a charity organisation that teaches young students to read and write,the store itself is magnificent and the facade is by Chris Ware,whose work I greatly admire,

After that I returned to to the hotel and got ready for the wondercon show,one of the main reasons I was going to the show,was to catch up with great friend of 12 years,David Mack,creator of Kabuki and Marvel Comics Echo ,
And close acquaintance, cartoonist and one of the best book designers in the world,Seth,who I met once before at an Eisner Awards afterparty only briefly,

With them attending,I knew I would have a fascinating time,lots of book purchases were made,especially at Indy sections as I am a massive follower of Indy creators as a whole.

Though for the most part I was mostly here to meet Mack for the 3rd time,always nice when a friend you haven;t seen in years instantly recognises you,as did many creators throughout the show,
I took upon the role of being Mack's assistant during the show,and was glad to...he is easily the most nicest and kindest man in the Universe,if you've met him personally you would know what  I am talking about,

And as a tribute i got a tatoo of the Japanese Kabuki Kanji in tribute for him,

as mentioned before David and I have collaborated on various pieces over the years,and this time was no different,I am very grateful to him for doing so,and for chatting with all my connections in the industry,the panels were  cool as well, DC,Sergio and Mark show and Levitz.

Truly a wonderful time,perhaps one of the best weeks of my life,

next I will talk about my adventures in Los Angeles,the city of Angels,

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