Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book updates

I've found various distributors for my work and lots of cool news to be announced,my first feature length novel which clocks in at 30000 words,Time and Space will see print soon,perhaps in a few months,though my main priority is to see to print the Literature zine David Mack and I are doing and I can say it's moving along at a brisk pace,
will print a minimum of 10 copies initially,and then many more afterwards,at least 100 and see where we go,I am very proud of this book,and like I said,if you are interested in getting a copy of the zine please contact me here or my email

I only ask for a small donation to cover printing and postage costs,like $2-3  or so,whatever you feel is right,to my paypal,which the details will be made available as soon as the book is ready,

thanks again to all who have expressed their interest I very much appreciate that,


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