Wednesday, November 23, 2011

All done for 2011

Hello all,thanks for reading,as of last week,I finished my writing for 2011,
This year has been by far the most prolific year for my writing,
in total I have written 152 poems and short stories for this year,The most proudest two moments would have to be doing a book with David Mack, 'Literature',which was a collection of collaborations,poetry,art and interview with close friend of 12 years,David Mack,
and of course the second has to be launching my zine,The Quarterly,the second volume being dedicated to friend Gary Panter,and also featuring an in depth interview with him,

I very much wish everyone a Happy 2012,and let's see if I can do more than 152 for next year,I'm currently at 560 poems and short stories since 2007 and my main goal is 1000 by 2014,wish me well,thank you all again,

Tony Solomun

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Quarterly art,

Hello all,thank you for your time and reading this blog,
here is some art for my new zine,Tony Solomun's The Quarterly,

for this one,I'm showing the cover to volume II, which I recently wrote,and am printing soon,actually have to buy some printer ink for my PC so... that will be next week,
apart from that I will be adding spot finishes and art to the finished pages and printing them in a week or so,the art shown is a portait of my artistic hero,Gary Panter,

Having lots of fun writing poetry and more entries for my new magnum opus
Multiverse,up to 78 or so,

if you are interested in getting any of these zines and books,drop me a line and I will hook you up with my literature,



Tony Solomun

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tony Solomun's Sunday Book Review #2 and updates

Hello all ,My thanks to you for checking my blog, Lots of writing done this week and as well as printing,also finished my Tijuana Bible, and mini comic,which is quite shocking even by my standards in terms of content,I'm moving ahead with plans to print my first full length novel, Time and Space,
which will be out in a few months,I finished it a year ago and did 3 revisions since to make sure it is of the highest quality,will go all out with this novel,in terms of printing,perhaps as a limited print run as a hardcover and slipcase,I've found some great printing houses for both,and will inform you all soon,

here is the second entry in my Sunday Book Review series,all the best,

Tony Solomun’s Sunday Book Review


Walt and Skeezix Book 1-  Drawn and Quarterly
Sundays with Walt and Skeezix - Sunday Press Books,

The fine gentleman at both publishers have taken great care,time and expertise to put out and let the world rediscover the magnificence and beauty that is Walt and Skeezix, A fun,endearing look at family life through the ages,which is nearing it’s centenary of inception, by the Inimitable Frank King,
On of the finest newspaper comics in the upper echelon of the graphic storytelling medium, Frank shows his masterful hand  at beautifully constructed prose and delicate art throughout in celebrating the history and personal dramas and human interest of the main characters, unparalleled in it’s significance, This is a true gem to be enjoyed by all, both Drawn and Quarterly and Sunday Press Books have been tremendous in getting this product out with high quality production values and loads of extras and vital information in the form of various essays, many thanks must go to  Chris Ware, Jeet Heer, Chris Oliveros and Peter Maresca for their work,

Krazy and Ignatz 1916-1944  . By Fantagraphics
A Celebration of Sundays - By Sunday Press Books

A mouse striking a cat in the head with a brick, a simplistic notion,really, yet within this gag lies one of the best newspaper comics ever, By the fantastic and quite unique George Herriman, The series celebrated its centennial last year and it is obvious to all that the character’s legacies have never dimmed and that golden shiny brick still draws the reader in.
The Illustrations are simple yet elegant in their grandiose stule, and the dialog and prose quite poetic, Fantagraphics and Sunday Press Books have really outdone themselves on these collections, Chris Ware and Bill Blackbeard deserve special recognition for their essays and in particular Mr Ware’s striking and terrific design, a must have for any knowledgeable

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tony Solomun's Sunday Book Review and book updates,

Hello all,this week has been astronomical in  progress made with my books and art,I finished my first mini comic in 8 years and have made 3 poems along with a few illustrations,and am moving ahead with printing of my books,
And have gotten in touch with  a book slipcase maker in China  to make paper slipcases for my books,lots of fantastic things to look forward to,and have also completed and transcribed the first two volumes of The Quarterly,with a contribution by artistic hero of mine, 3 time Emmy award winner  and friend,Gary Panter, in the second volume,so looking forward to sharing and printing that,

thanks for reading,in the meantime here is the first entry of my Sunday Book Review,

Tony Solomun’s Sunday Book Review           


Editor’s Choice

Palookaville volume 20 by Seth 
Drawn and Quarterly

I was pleasantly enthusiastic and surprised with Seth’s change in format of his brilliant Palookaville series,
It started out in the beginning of the 1990s and ventured through time as a comic, though time,space and sales constraints made the move toan annual graphic novel format,I could not be more happier with the change,Seth’s  masterful  display over words,prose and illustrations is in show here in plentiful variety.

His ongoing serialisation Clyde Fans ebbs and flows quite finelt and is racing towards a tender conclusion, Though that is not all that is  contained in this format, no, there is a beautiful sketchbook containing many splendid illustrations and accompanying them  is a essay of a quite interesting ongoing sculpture project by Seth called ‘Dominion’.
And finally an autobiographical story to close out this modern masterpiece,
Seth’s book design is impeccable and you will find that here on display and in spades.
A great addition to any library,
My only hope is that the current format will be made larger to showcase the art in a better way,apart from that,A splendid book by Seth,


By Tony Solomun

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Goal of 500 short stories and poems is reached,

Hello all,I am over the moon and beyond words and enthusiasm at reaching my goal of 500 short stories and poems,
I reached it late night on my 27th birthday whilst listening to Elton John,I set the goal in 2007 with the beginning of my magnum opus The Journey,that ended with 160 volumes,and have since then started many projects with many more in the idea stage,

Indeed,I have been writing and doing art for a long time,and started doing mini comics and art books since 2001,
10 years ago now,self publishing can be a burden,though it comes with many benefits and a good feeling of accomplishment,I have kept at it all this time and have taken my craft seriously,I am glad to reach such a goal in this time,and will share in future more of my poetry and have started creating art again,

Of course,I have many people to thank for inspiration and friendship,

they are

first and foremost,

David Mack
Mike Allred
Chris Ware
Alan Moore
Stan Lee
Gary Panter
Sergio Aragones

and many more too numerous to name,my thanks goes to you,


Tony Solomun

Monday, August 1, 2011

Countdown to 500 short stories and poems

Hello all,I've posted less of late as I am working hard on my poetry and printing books as much as I can,
as of this week I have a large back log of books waiting to be printed,
I will be able to inform you all soon about the availability,things are moving at an increasingly faster pace as of recently,
I have another 5 poems and short stories to reach my goal of 500 since 2007,
A goal I have set about achieving for quite awhile,and am very proud of my output,the centrepiece of that all is my magnum opus The Journey,which I finished a few years ago and my most ambitious book to date,160 short stories are contained within,

once I reach my goal I will change my outlook and start doing comics and illustration again along with my Quarterly anthology I 've completed 1 volume thus far,

many thanks again to all my readers and thanks for your support,

all the best,

Tony Solomun

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Books

Hi all,sorry for the lack of blogs here recently,very busy with my writing,still have copies of Literature by David Mack and I,
In the meantime,have been writing lots of poetry,two books full,will collect 52 of them as a book,and a further book once I get time to type it up,
I'm old fashioned when it comes to writing,as in I write long hand on paper,feels more natural and organic that way,though will be typing more books online,

Have to print lots of stuff,a large amount,when I get the time,
Next week I start on volume 2 of Tony Solomun's Quarterly,
My own literary anthology,the first one will be printed soon,and was mainly a tribute to Chris Ware,the magnificent and fascinating creator,

After that,got lots of plans for other books down the line,many things to look forward to,


Tony Solomun

Monday, April 18, 2011

Literature Zine by David Mack and Tony Solomun is done,

Hello, all,I printed an initial 20 copies of this book I did with Mack and got his blessing to print,mighty proud of this book,18 pages with wraparound color covers,filled with art,poetry,interviews and photos, and a quote from good friend Batton Lash,for those interested in getting a copy,please email me at

the book itself is free though a small contribution to my paypal would be largely appreciated,to cover printing and postage costs,


Friday, April 15, 2011

Literature-A Zine by David Mack-New York Times Best Selling Author and Tony Solomun...coming soon.

Here is an image from the upcoming book,nearly done,only covers to be printed,this is one of my fave books and I've done many,poetry by myself and drawing by the fantastic David Mack


I've recently begun submitting poems to poetry magazines in Australia and the US and elsewhere,one day,you never know what can eventuate,the sky is the limit as far as I'm concerned,here is one I submitted,
be kind

Her Stare

I've always turned my focus to her,
hoping to catch
and erstwhile glimpse of her
 magnificent physique her heavenly
body, I stare avidly, Though she
doesn't know I'm there at all,

this is one of many poems I will be sharing,along with a preview of the Literature Zine,New York Times Best Selling Author ( how I like saying that ) David Mack and myself,

so stay tuned,


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Book updates

I've found various distributors for my work and lots of cool news to be announced,my first feature length novel which clocks in at 30000 words,Time and Space will see print soon,perhaps in a few months,though my main priority is to see to print the Literature zine David Mack and I are doing and I can say it's moving along at a brisk pace,
will print a minimum of 10 copies initially,and then many more afterwards,at least 100 and see where we go,I am very proud of this book,and like I said,if you are interested in getting a copy of the zine please contact me here or my email

I only ask for a small donation to cover printing and postage costs,like $2-3  or so,whatever you feel is right,to my paypal,which the details will be made available as soon as the book is ready,

thanks again to all who have expressed their interest I very much appreciate that,


California Travel Journals part II

I have a special affinity with Los Angeles,indeed it is called the city of angels and it certainly is,
I've already been,though I keep coming back,beautiful city,like I said,up there with Sydney,
first thing I did was when I got there on my second day was to go to my fave boulevarde in the whole universe,
Sunset Boulevard,the sheer size of this road and the amazing array of all kinds of shops is reason to celebrate,
Meltdown Comics,
who I am a massive fan and friend of the shop since 2010,is a fantastic comic shop located in Hollywood and is perhaps the largest comic shop in the world,
I instantly feel like I'm in wonderland when I enter,the wide diversity of the product available is immense,I could traverse through the store for hours on end,
also went to Hollywood Blvd and took photos which I will soon be posting of the various landmarks,though first and foremost in my mind was the walk of fame star of my grandpa Stan Lee,which I am eternally grateful to have seen and touched,
to commemorate my love for LA I got the same tattooed on my shoulder,at sunset strip tattoo to go along with my Kabuki kanji tattoo,
I also appeared on NBC television incidentally with Mario Lopez on his show Extra,which is a gossip show,they asked  if I wanted to be in the crowd and who was I to say no ?
watched myself on tv,and it felt surreal in a way,
apart from that,went to perhaps one of the best Indy bookstores,which is Family Los Angeles on Fairfax Avenue,spent hours picking up various books,
do check their fantastic website out at
which also houses a art gallery,
 I had a most perfect trip.
met friends,made new ones along the way,helped the homeless and ate some fantastic food,

Wonderful,and I truly recommend going to Los Angeles,the best time is perhaps now,
will post pics as soon as I can,


Thursday, April 7, 2011

California Travel Journal,

Hi all,as you may know I am a lover of all things American,and especially Californian,a beautiful place,and up there with the best,

I arrived on the 30th of last month in time for Wondercon,the 25th anniversary,In Frisco,I familiarised myself with the city on the first two days and they were uneventful for the most part,though the first thing I did was visit
826 Valencia, a charity organisation that teaches young students to read and write,the store itself is magnificent and the facade is by Chris Ware,whose work I greatly admire,

After that I returned to to the hotel and got ready for the wondercon show,one of the main reasons I was going to the show,was to catch up with great friend of 12 years,David Mack,creator of Kabuki and Marvel Comics Echo ,
And close acquaintance, cartoonist and one of the best book designers in the world,Seth,who I met once before at an Eisner Awards afterparty only briefly,

With them attending,I knew I would have a fascinating time,lots of book purchases were made,especially at Indy sections as I am a massive follower of Indy creators as a whole.

Though for the most part I was mostly here to meet Mack for the 3rd time,always nice when a friend you haven;t seen in years instantly recognises you,as did many creators throughout the show,
I took upon the role of being Mack's assistant during the show,and was glad to...he is easily the most nicest and kindest man in the Universe,if you've met him personally you would know what  I am talking about,

And as a tribute i got a tatoo of the Japanese Kabuki Kanji in tribute for him,

as mentioned before David and I have collaborated on various pieces over the years,and this time was no different,I am very grateful to him for doing so,and for chatting with all my connections in the industry,the panels were  cool as well, DC,Sergio and Mark show and Levitz.

Truly a wonderful time,perhaps one of the best weeks of my life,

next I will talk about my adventures in Los Angeles,the city of Angels,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A new David Mack/Tony Solomun collaboration

Hi all,am currently in California,and was at the cool comic show,Wondercon where I met up with many of my creator friends,first and foremost David Mack and Seth,along with so many others,will be posting pics soon,as well as many sketches and mini interviews I did in a notebook with many comic creators which I am so grateful for,

I've been friends with the fantastic and kindest man in the world,David Mack for 12 years now,and first met him in 2002,and we did 6 paintings together,again in 2009 in San Diego, 2 poetry Ink paintings and at Frisco , another 2 poetry Ink paintings,

I will be collecting them into a zine as soon as I can,I of course have gotten Mack;s blessing to publish them and will be printing them into a small zine which will take at least a month,will keep you all up to date,at least 8-10 pages, with hopefully colour covers,

I will try to print as many as I can,though initially at least 20 -30 copies,

they will be for free,for those who want a copy,

though if you could kindly donate a few dollars to my paypal to cover some of the printing costs and postage I will be grateful,

thanks again.


Hi all,

Hi all to all who are following my  blog I will try my best to update as much as I can,
lots of writing done in the intervening time,
nearly printed Time and Space,first feature length novel,
done aboput 30 poems this year as well,
and did a volume of Tony Solomun Quarterly which is a homage to the great Dave Eggers,

so many ideas for future books,only need time to get to them,and to print them,got so much to print,like a metre high of stories ready to be printed,and will do so soon,

thanks for reading,