Saturday, October 23, 2010

Current works

I like to think of myself as being a bit prolific in my poetry and short stories,not anywhere near as Stan Lee though who at  87 is writing and working on more projects than  anybody more than 1/2 his age is,

Though I like to dip my feet in as many projects as I can,

I'm in the midst of many projects,and many printing jobs,things is I write more than I print,something that I will change with next year.

I am in the printing production stage of my scifi novel
Time and Space

which is done and designed,only awaiting for printing,

Tony Solomun's Multiverse

my ongoing book of public domain characters,in whichever genre or format it may take,currently have written 30 or so different characters in poetry and prose,

52 Poems,The Sun and Moon In Synchronicity

what I am currently now writing,nearly finished with.
I find myself very adept at composing poetry,and hope to do more in future

also am writing a Superhero comic,Sunday Newspaper Comic and Prose of the same,

and have many many other things awaiting my attention,

will also return to doing art for the first time in awhile as well soon,

that's all for now,


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