Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Brilliance that is David Mack and Mike Allred

I have been a massive comics/graphic novel fan since 1998,when I was 14,and now at 26,I find many paths to inspiration for my work,
And in this new Internet age,I find it a honour that I can communicate in some or many ways with my
artistic heroes,
I became a fan of David Mack in 99' and have never looked back,his Kabuki series which is ongoing now for 16 years has had a immense impact on my life and my writing and art,and it truly is one of the best Indy series you can find,and you yourself can never find a much nicer person and kinder creator than
David Mack,

you can follow his work on

I always get a thrill reading his work and always will,same goes for Mike Allred,creator of Madman.Who I've been following since 2000,He too is a magnificent personality and even moreso a fantastic writer/artist who can also sing and act,and Is as versatile as you can get,you will also be hard pressed to find a kinder person in person than anyone else in the industry like Mack,always up for a chat of any genre,especially comics,music and movies.

He is currently doing the art for the awesome Vertigo/DC series iZombie and is planning more Madman,which will reach 20 terrific years soon,

his work can be found on

I am very privileged and honoured to  call these two creators longtime friends and inspirations,and always will be,

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