Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year-fellow writers,

Hello all,2010 is over,and was the most prolific for me yet in terms of short stories and poems in which I had written 168 of them,

2011 will be quieter as you can expect,though I will be doing many books and projects for the year and am going to start a Quarterly magazine and perhaps more comics,If I can get to that,

lots to be excited as a writer,

I hope this year was good for you and next year is even better creative wise as well,


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poetry-City of Angels

Here is the first of my poems,this one done a few weeks ago,of my second hometown,the City of Angels,

A wonderful moment in
history and time,
of a proud and young nation,when a city indelibly
leaves a mark on the country,defining it,
spreading it's grandeur and elegance throughout
the world at large,
A beautiful occurence,

thanks for reading the poem,and I will be posting more soon, this one   is from my poetry collection
52 -The Sun and Moon In Synchronicity,

which will be printed soon as well,


Tony Solomun

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Current works

I like to think of myself as being a bit prolific in my poetry and short stories,not anywhere near as Stan Lee though who at  87 is writing and working on more projects than  anybody more than 1/2 his age is,

Though I like to dip my feet in as many projects as I can,

I'm in the midst of many projects,and many printing jobs,things is I write more than I print,something that I will change with next year.

I am in the printing production stage of my scifi novel
Time and Space

which is done and designed,only awaiting for printing,

Tony Solomun's Multiverse

my ongoing book of public domain characters,in whichever genre or format it may take,currently have written 30 or so different characters in poetry and prose,

52 Poems,The Sun and Moon In Synchronicity

what I am currently now writing,nearly finished with.
I find myself very adept at composing poetry,and hope to do more in future

also am writing a Superhero comic,Sunday Newspaper Comic and Prose of the same,

and have many many other things awaiting my attention,

will also return to doing art for the first time in awhile as well soon,

that's all for now,


The Brilliance that is David Mack and Mike Allred

I have been a massive comics/graphic novel fan since 1998,when I was 14,and now at 26,I find many paths to inspiration for my work,
And in this new Internet age,I find it a honour that I can communicate in some or many ways with my
artistic heroes,
I became a fan of David Mack in 99' and have never looked back,his Kabuki series which is ongoing now for 16 years has had a immense impact on my life and my writing and art,and it truly is one of the best Indy series you can find,and you yourself can never find a much nicer person and kinder creator than
David Mack,

you can follow his work on


I always get a thrill reading his work and always will,same goes for Mike Allred,creator of Madman.Who I've been following since 2000,He too is a magnificent personality and even moreso a fantastic writer/artist who can also sing and act,and Is as versatile as you can get,you will also be hard pressed to find a kinder person in person than anyone else in the industry like Mack,always up for a chat of any genre,especially comics,music and movies.

He is currently doing the art for the awesome Vertigo/DC series iZombie and is planning more Madman,which will reach 20 terrific years soon,

his work can be found on


I am very privileged and honoured to  call these two creators longtime friends and inspirations,and always will be,

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Inspiration that comes with every reading,

I am a massive fan of comics/graphic novels as well as literature and many genres of art,I like to diversify my interests and keep fresh,

So I read a lot,and give myself at least 2-3 hours of reading per day to get inspired,I have probably 120 fave comic creators and 50 novel writers as well,

If you had to ask me which were my fave creators who inspire me to such an extent,I would right away say in this order,

David Mack
Mike Allred
Alan Moore
Chris Ware
Stan Lee
Alex Ross
Stan Sakai
Neil Gaiman
Chip Kidd
Mike Mignola

I could go on forever naming my influences,though this is the main group that are an endless fountain of inspiration to me.
so to get that out of the way once and for all,these peope not only happen to be some of the greatest
 comic creators in history they also are fantastic people and personalities,nice and kindest that you can ever  find amongst the human race,

I always keep up with their work,and each time something new of theirs is released I feel a gentle thrill within me,pure geniuses all of them

will be posting poetry here soon,
be sure to read them when you can,and leave any constructive criticism when you can,


Tony Solomun

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello World,and welcome to Tony Solomun's Books,

This is all new to me,though a big Hello,and thanks for checking out my blog,
I of course am a writer,hence the name -Tony Solomun Books,
and on this blog I will share with you my thoughts,stream of consciousness and most of all,short stories and prose and poetry of all genres,
I hope you enjoy them and get something out of thema s much as I did writing them,